The original soundtrack of the game “Murasaki” developed by KATATEMA.
Most songs contain outside the loop and modulation which is not included in the game.
mp3, wav, flac versions are available.

♪Someday, in that place
♪Flowers Sprouting on a Charcoal Path
♪Two halves
♪Enclosed World
♪Fruitless, Noisy War
♪Victory 1
♪Fishing for Lapis Lazuli in a Pond on the Moon
♪Distant Thunder Tells of a Lost Child
♪Plant-Scented Dreaming
♪Soaring Sentimentality
♪Victory 2
♪To Discover Tomorrow
♪Someday, in that place ∴
♪Rainbow Colours
♪The Scent of Dreams Lingers in the Sky
♪Guillotine of Thorns
♪Patchwork Princess
♪Drifting on the Four Seas