Imagine that you’re being hated by everyone. What would you do? Would you cry in the corner, trcommit suicide or try to beat your enemies to death?

Well, the best idea is not to touch anyone and to play Nary – a procedurally generated hardcore rogue-like runner with a lot of game modes, in which you’re supposed to use your keyboard knowledge and reaction speed in order to get to the end!

Nary combines tons of great features of the genre and adds unique own ones!

– Each foe’s health is represented not by the dull hearts, but by the special set of letters!
In order to damage the enemy, you’ll have to press the appropriate keyboard keys!

– To make matters worse, each level is randomly generated every time you die.
Thus, in addition to keeping track of your enemies, you’ll have to mash Spacebar to avoid the obstacles!

– In order to make your gameplay even more thrilling, Nary offers you to try out one of the many game modes, including Flappy Bird, Leprechaun, Ninja, Sunken Tombs and many others!

– But that’s also not all of the spicy stuff! Some levels require you to use special abilities such as Gravity Switch, Dash and Double Jump!

– Fortunately for the player, you may actually use the Shield and Sword to defend yourself from death! You may only use each of them 3 times per run though..

– The most courageous players will get a chance to “loop” the game after beating it!
Thus, you will have to face stronger enemies and will be able to improve your highscore!

– Last but definitely not least, the whole gameplay is accompanied by glorious soundtracks from EverReverb and Mysterious Presence, which will make your stay extremely pleasant and unforgettable!

– Choose a difficulty for yourself and let the jounrey begin!
Start from relaxing peaceful mode and proceed to a nerve-wrecking hardcore one!

All I can say to sum this up is.. well.. good luck, mate!