NekoChan Hero Collection is a compilation of 3 indie games:
NekoChan Hero – ninja world 2, NekoChan Hero – ninja world 1, Neko Land.
You can customize the controls of each game by clicking on the yellow button on each game in the game selection screen.

  • NekoChan Hero – ninja world 2

    Neko Planet is in danger, the king has been kidnapped and only one hero can save them, his name is NekoChan Hero!

    NekoChan Hero – ninja world 2 is a tribute to all the greatest platformers of the 80s and 90s.


    • Normal jump: Press the A button (hold to jump higher)
    • Run: Simultaneously hold down the fire button and directional arrows (S-keyboard B-controller) or press the run button (D-keyboard X-controller
    • High jump: While running quickly release the fire button and press the jump button (hold to jump higher)

  • Power: (D-keyboard Y-controller)


  • Create new passages, hitting the bricks with your head or with your shield.
  • Collect coins to buy fantastic vehicles and powers.
  • Use vehicles to reach inaccessible places.
  • Boss battles.
  • Neko Land

    Neko Land is a minigame set in the map where usually in other games you have to select the level.
    To complete the levels it is sufficient that the character reaches the end of the map. To do this, you have to simply click anywhere on the map, but it is not as simple as it seems, along the way you will find some obstacles that you will have to avoid within a time limit (the time will be reset to the achievement of each new level on the map). The game will be made up of several maps (Composed of different scenarios and new obstacles) that we will have to complete having only three lives.


    • Two Game Modes
    • Acade
    • Star collector (in this mode you will have to find the hidden stars choosing the direction to take in the various levels)

    Three Types Of Controls:

    • Mouse (left click)
    • Xbox controller
    • Keyboard (spacebar)

  • NekoChan Hero – ninja world

    NekoChan Hero – ninja world is the first platform game that I created.

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