Do you love listening to amazing music? Want to feel like you are on an epic interstellar mission through space and time? Well, we got you.

Jack Menhorn, the illustrious musician and sound designer of Nova-111, has brought together an amazing set of tracks for your listening pleasure. So whether you’re doing science in a lab or just straight chilling on a spaceship, you can enjoy the music anywhere!

Track List:

1. Patel Frequency
2. Lee’s Motion Principal
3. Nowde Tails
4. Nosin Lock
5. Ruins of Aanndi
6. Henphrie Assembly
7. V-kng-52
8. Hussinger’s Theorem
9. Nova-111
10. Pan Veren Belt
11. Magneto Colora
12. Compound K-L1n
13. Vessali-N
14. Stellar Timeporting
15. End

Soundtrack by Jack Menhorn
Mastered by Matthew Marteinsson
Artwork by Michael Hussinger