Once upon a time in a village named as TimberShade, a war was declared. Wolves started a war for human blood. There were two leaders of Wolves clan. Human was able to defeat one of the two leaders. But in the end, humankind was defeated. But the fortune-teller told that, someone will come and he will help us. After a long time a man named as Genesis comes in the village. He found about the war of Humans & Wolves…

Now, It’s our turn to live. Help the people of TimberShade. Only you can do it…


Oath of Genesis is an action role-playing game in which the player controls Genesis. The player moves Genesis through and between open areas, allowing him to talk with non-player characters, interact with the environment, and engage wolfs in battle. At quest non-player character, the player may opt to take one of the available missions, which usually involves defeating one or more wolfs. If the mission is successfully completed, the player is rewarded with beneficial items, and often new missions become available.

Oath of Genesis has mainly two types of player. One is swordsman, which has high strength, less attack distance. Another is magician, which has low strength, far attack distance, also use magic.

Oath of Genesis uses a real-time combat system in which the player can move Genesis around, initiate attacks, special abilities and spells, use items, and block or dodge attacks. Genesis abilities in battle are set by what weapons he currently has equipped. Up to six weapons can be equipped at any one time, which can impart special attacks, magic spells, or passive bonuses such as health increases or the ability to display the statistics of the current foe in combat. Weapons are gained throughout the game from weapon shop.

Oath of Genesis uses a two combat system. The “Semi-Automatic” system is that, player has to only select enemy for attack. After that system will automatically fight with enemies. Another “Manual” system is that, player ha to tab/click every time when he wants to attack on enemy. When player will defeat particular number of enemies Genesis will gain an experience level, increasing his health, attack points, and defend points, etc.


  • Battle System : Automatic & Manual
  • Change Camera Angle As You Need
  • Choose Your Favorite Avatar For Playing
  • Cut-scene For Entertainment
  • Entertaining Musics
  • Help For Playing