An extensive 87-page strategy guide and walkthrough for Epic Quest of the 4 Crystals!

The Contents Include

  • A full walkthrough on the main storyline and all side-quests.
  • Annotated maps and directions: displaying chests, points and treasure.
  • Details and strategies on ALL enemies: elemental weaknesses, stats, etc.
  • General tips & tricks.
  • A list of all crafting recipes and items.
  • Overdrive information and strategy: exclusive “gain” tips!
  • Limit Breaks overview, showcasing all bars and different kinds.
  • List and stats of all accessories, weapons and items.
  • Battle ranking details and rewards.
  • Full skills and spells list with character specific tips.
  • Behind-the-scenes information!
  • Get personal advice from us if you need any help!
  • Written by the creator of Epic Quest of the 4 Crystals himself!

Thank you for your support! We hope you enjoy the game and the strategy guide. ^_^