Immerse yourself in basket VR, a game created for HTC Vive in which you can become a professional NBA player and participate in his famous three point contest. Enjoy playing basketball in different surrealistic scenarios and game modes. Have fun, trains and competes so improving day by day.

Key features:
Physical and realistic graphics.
Different types of balls.
Scenarios with numerous details: Statue of Liberty, sea, trains, giant radio cassette, seagulls flying, flaming torches, bridges, cranes, fans, etc.

Several different scenarios:
⦁ High school court
⦁ Salvador Dali Dreams court
⦁ 2050 track worker court
Various modes of play:

⦁ Training: Free training on stage Salvador Dali Dreams. Probe yourself throwing from different distances and positions.
⦁ Contest: You will have one minute to score the maximum possible baskets. You will have 5 trolley with 5 balls each. Remember that drusiball worth double.
⦁ Combo mode: You’ll have to get the maximum possible consecutive baskets. The player position will change randomly and gradually increasing the difficulty.