About Early Access (First season):

The first season will be shorter than 1 hour.
We are planning to make more seasons further down the line.
If you have any offer or complaint, you can contact us. Our mail address is : .
Also, feel free to send us some ideas about the story of Operation Caucasus.
We’ll try to give an answer as soon as possible.
If you will see any problems or bugs in this alpha version, please email us. It may take some time, but we’ll fix it eventually.

Story of the Operation Caucasus:

Since all of world’s oil is going to run out by the middle of the twenty first century, world renowned oil companies are setting up bases in oil-rich countries without the knowledge of the states. Ever since the Caucasus became one of the world’s biggest oil exporters, the United States launched the Operation Caucasus in order to bring the oil from that region to North America. The “butterfly” group is being payed to execute the mission, since the job must be clean and must be done instantaneously. The members of the “buttefly” group, Victor, Connor, and Chris, are ordered to go on the island and are told that the backup will arrive afterward. Chris and Victor were a part of the military until they decided to cross some borders without the permission of the country they were entering in order to fight certain enemies. In their attemp they were detained and sent to prison. After being deprived of their freedom for several years, the two friends escaped and dediced to join the “butterfly” team. The reason for them joining said team is because they have been promised new documents, which they can use to start from a clean page.

2021, Victor: