The Charlie Santa Heist is the first annual OVERKILL Xmas heist for PAYDAY 2 and lets players do a classic bank job – robbing the GO Bank, based on a map from Counterstrike: Global Offensive, in the outskirts of Washington D.C. This heist was a part of update 20 and is completely free for our players.

This heist is completely free for our players and also introduces a free weapon sight and – of course – a Santa mask for the community. Merry Xmas!

Key Features

A new heist available for free – The Charlie Santa heist is based on a popular map from Counterstrike: Global Offensive. It’s a classic bank job; break the vault, empty the deposit boxes and get the loot out. Simple, no? If all hell breaks lose, Bain has a pretty creative plan to get the money from the scene. We’re also told that this branch has the lowest hit-rate in the country. It’s time to change that.

A free weapon modification – The PAYDAY 2 community can enjoy a new gift from Gage the arms dealer. This time he gives the gang something for free because of the release of the weapon pack not so long ago. The weapon modification is a weapon sight which will come in handy when and if snipers appear.

A free Santa mask for anyone who joins the Official PAYDAY 2 group on Steam – Wondered how it feels to rob a bank wearing a Santa mask? No need to – find out by joining the Official PAYDAY 2 group on Steam and get to robbing!

Nine new achievements to unlock – Players will have nine all-new Xmas related achievements to unlock.