The Hoxton Breakout Heist is the fifth free heist update to PAYDAY 2. The Dentist got Hoxton a re-trial and you’re going to get him out! A loud only heist, it includes Old Hoxton as a playable character, the “Hoxton Reborn” mask, as well as 4 new achievements. This heist was a part of update 44 and is completely free for our players.

Key Features

A new heist available for free – The Dentist got Hoxton a re-trial. The trial will be quick. With his record, he ain’t gonna walk, but that’s not the point. The point is he’s moving, and we can hit him in transit. We’re going to grab him right after the hearing. A nice little “screw you” to the US justice system. The plan is as loud as it gets: we blast a wall in the courthouse, grab Hox and get him the hell out. Area’s locked down for blocks around. They’ll be expecting trouble. Have your guns ready and pack a lot of ammo.

#FREEHOXTON – It’s time to free Hoxton from jail! Go on a two day heist worthy of your old friend and help him escape the long arm of the law. When you complete the Hoxton Breakout Heist for the first time, you unlock Old Hoxton as a playable character.

Break into the FBI HQ – Old Hoxton is sure someone set him up. The Feds had too much information on him – way more than they could dig up on their own. Someone ratted. Someone fucked him over. And you’re gonna find out who. It ain’t gonna be easy. You’re going to the source. The biggest FBI nest. You’re going to find out who screwed with Old Hoxton.

Unlock a new mask – If you free Old Hoxton, you will not only be able to play as Old Hoxton himself, but also use the Hoxton Reborn mask.

4 new achievements to unlock – Heisters can now enjoy 4 new achievements connected to the Hoxton Breakout Heist.

2 new songs added – Two new songs have been added to the game. Enjoy listening to “The Gauntlet” and “Something Wicked This Way Comes” while breaking out Old Hoxton!