The Infamy Update is the first free late-game update to PAYDAY 2. Becoming Infamous is for the players that dare to give up everything. Go beyond level 100 to become the most wanted criminals and unlock awesome new loot such as skill tier bonuses and masks. The Infamy update was a part of update 22 and is completely free for our players.

Key Features

Time to become Infamous! – With the Infamy system the player can continue to advance beyond reputation level 100. Becoming infamous unlocks the new Infamy tree where the player can invest infamy points and unlock more stat bonuses as well as new content such as masks, materials and patterns. Law enforcers will flee in horror when they see you and friends will jealously watch as you climb the ladder of crime in order to unlock awesome new loot.

Five new infamous masks – These masks can only be worn by the cockiest, most wanted, cops be damned sons of bitches that are crazy enough to rob a goddamn bank wearing ’em. How about going in with just sun glasses, or using one of the four new mask sets with their own pattern and achievements? Choose between the set of the Corrupted, the Slaughterhouse set, the Assassin set and the set of the Ingenious.

Four new materials – Enjoy the four new materials Dark Leather, Copper, Electric and Sinister. These are unlocked together with each respective mask in the Infamy tree.

Four new patterns – Four patterns are also added along each mask set unlocked in the Infamy tree. Try using the Bounty Hunter, Guardian, Ribcage and the Imperial to make your infamous masks get that extra awesome-factor.

Five new achievements – Each available Infamy level has its own achievement to unlock.