Enter an endless universe of stars with glowing fractal nebulae that animate to your music as you engage in space combat. Use rockets, lasers, even healing flower fractals as you rid this strange, beautiful land from invaders in Polynomial 2.

Early Access version main features:

  • Original game engine.
  • 9 unique levels with different game scenarios and goals. We also include levels under development, and you’re welcome to participate in level design by contributing your opinions and ideas on our community forum.
  • 10+ enemies, 4 weapons, bonuses. We’re planning to add more weapons and more enemies during the Early Access period.
  • 40+ minutes of original soundtrack.
  • Ability to add your own music and playlists (M3U). You can also select a sound device as an input (mic/line-in). Depending on OS (Linux for now, Windows 10 in further updates) you can also capture sound directly from your playback device.
  • Built-in custom resolution screenshot rendering.
  • Game controller support (Steam, Xbox).

During the Early Access period we will add more enemies, levels, weapons, bonuses, and achievements. We’re also working on VR support.