The Unlock Online pack does exactly what it says on the tin, by giving you the opportunity to unlock all the customisable fun of mutiplayer billiards with the Online portion of Pool Nation FX, which includes:

  • Ten different game types including, Snooker, 8 Ball UK, Speed, Rotation, Golf, Straight, 8 Ball US, 9Ball, 3 Ball & Killer
  • Online Leagues, starting out in league 10 and working your way up to league 1 – you must play with skill to win
  • All Aiming Aids unlocked, Novice, pro, veteran or Aiming Aid Off
  • Play for Cash, with higher bets from $25 to $50,00 PN Dollars
  • Friendlies, invite friends to matches online, customisable rule-sets, cues balls, decals and locations to collect
  • Spectate matches live online