This professional Lifetime All-Inclusive license gives you access to all cars, all components, all accessories and all tracks for UNLIMITED TIME, including ALL FUTURE RELEASES of new cars, car parts and tracks.

✓ All high performance cars
✓ All 67 world class tracks
✓ All future releases and upgrades

High performance cars

This license gives you access to all cars, including high performance modified cars with unrestricted car setup options. VRC Pro cars are modeled with extreme precision in respect to both vehicle dynamics and visual appearance. We’ve been developing R/C car simulation software for over 14 years, in close cooperation with industry experts and top class test drivers, and that’s something you feel in each car we have available for you in VRC PRO.

World tracks

You will have access to more than 67 real existing tracks from all around the world for you. And new tracks are released continuously. Racing different tracks is great fun and excellent for developing your real racing skills. But even more so, it is a unique opportunity to experience world-renowned r/c racing tracks which you would otherwise only read about on the Internet.


With the all-inclusive license you can customize your car limitlessly with hundreds of exclusive components, including branded components.

We love to welcome you as one of our Premium members. Your support of the VRC PRO project is much appreciated. It enables us to keep developing new cars, new tracks and new game features which make VRC Pro even better than it already is!