Silver Avalonian bundle is available for purchase only in the period of Early Access.

If you have the Silver Founder title, do not purchase this bundle. In a short time, you will get it for free as it is included in your founder bundle. You can purchase other DLC bundles and get the listed bonuses.

Bonuses will be distributed as soon as the corresponding game mechanics are introduced:

Bundle includes:

  • Premium currency to the amount of $50;
  • Box with unique items;
  • Forum and game title: Silver Avalonian Bundle;
  • 3 additional slots in your inventory;
  • Personal teleporter to a peaceful area with 30 min cooldown;
  • 5 unique personal cabin decor elements;
  • 5 unique hangar decor elements;
  • Unique pet-drone;
  • Unique quad bike skin;
  • Unique wings skin;
  • Unique buggy skin.