Prospekt begins in the Nova Prospekt prison in the Half-Life universe. Gordon Freeman is slowly being overrun by soldiers in the prison, however unknown to him, his Vortigaunt allies manage to find some help from a forgotten hero.

  • 13 New levels
  • New textures
  • New voice over
  • New music
  • Updated high resolution combine soldier skins with improved normal mapping
  • Updated high resolution textures
  • Updated lighting
  • Higher resolution combine rifle
  • Increased cube mapping
  • Over 20 new particle effects
  • Modded HUD
  • Modded VGUI
  • New player model skin
  • Fully scripted puzzles and/or action sequences on every level
  • Follows the Half-Life storyline
  • Xen.

Thank you everyone for helping me get this far and voting on the game! Its been an awesome response from everyone.