A collection of 15 songs by musician Souleye, with over 75 song charts. Featuring remixed songs from the hit Indie game VVVVVV! Also includes two VVVVVV-themed noteskins and a VVVVVV background animation.

It took over a year of development to create both the songs and charts in this amazing pack of songs. Everything is hand-tuned for Pulsen and the extra noteskins give it that extra umph. Be sure to look out for Captain Viridian jumping around the game! You’ll also get a new chiptune Pulsen theme on the title screen.

List of Songs

  • Rox orig Souleye – Positive Force Enhanced
  • Souleye – Chip Buddy
  • Souleye – Flullu blobbo lolz
  • Souleye – Follow the Line
  • Souleye – Geisha Love
  • Souleye – Goodtimes
  • Souleye – My Frank Soul
  • Souleye – Phat Flying Duck
  • Souleye – Piercing the Sky
  • Souleye – Positive Force
  • Souleye – Potential for Anything
  • Souleye – Predestined Fate
  • Souleye – Pressure Cooker
  • Souleye – Talking To Women About Videogames
  • Souleye – Untulia