Pulsen is an indie music & rhythm game where you listen to music and play along with the beat.

Key Features

  • 53 songs for a total of over 265 unique charts!
  • Multiple Difficulties
  • Local 2 Player Versus
  • Online in-game leaderboards: beat your friends’ scores on each difficulty!
  • Plug ‘n Play for Dance Pads, Controllers, Rock Band Drums, and Keyboards!
  • Remappable Controls
  • Various Noteskins and other modifiers to choose making each playthrough unique

Steam Beta Branch Features

  • New charts for Sarcolemma, Untulia, and others
  • Many chart updates and fixes in all songs
  • UI updates to most of the game
  • Mouse controls added to the mostly everything except options menus

Features in Development

  • Native cross-platform play (Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux)
  • Update to DirectX 9 for Windows users
  • More UI updates
  • Challenge mode
  • In-game Tutorial
  • Ability to save and play against replays of yourself and friends
  • Steam Trading Cards
  • Steam Achievements
  • Steam Workshop integration for custom content
  • Fitness mode

NOTE: Some sections of this game contain flashing lights which may cause an adverse reaction in some users.