The Qubicle Mesh Module unlocks all mesh exporters coming with the Qubicle Voxel Editor. It enables you to export optimized low-poly meshes that can be used with all common game development engines and third party 3D editors. Qubicle’s optimization algorithm reduces the polycount by up to 90% depending on your model. This saves valuable rendering resources and enables you to use the generated assets even for mobile game development. Games made with Qubicle like Crossy Road and Shooty Skies use Qubicle’s mesh exporters with great results.

What You Get

  • Export optimized meshes with a reduced poly count of up to 90%
  • Generated meshes are usable with all common game engines
  • Export as FBX, OBJ or Collada
  • Export as color encoded STL for 3D printing
  • Store meshes in a single file or generate separate files for each object
  • Export vertex colors or textures as material
  • Optionally generate texture atlases
  • Set pivots directly in Qubicle
  • Save even more geometry by optionally ignoring faces of a certain viewing direction