Featuring all 25 exclusive Data Hacker: Reboot tracks! Composed by Scott Holmes of Elezeid Audio Studio, augmented by fellow composer Steven Yost, and ranging from piano melodies to epic orchestral scores!

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Track List:
0. Fractured Realities
1. Reboot Purgatory
2. Dark Horizons
3. Go, NOW!
4. Thanier’s Theme (Man of Action)
5. The Metropolis
6. Showdown
7. Victorium
8. The Inn
9. Mysterious Cavern
10. What Now
11. The Innards
12. Up on High
13. Icy Touch of the Dead
14. Witch’s Lair
15. Land of Parallels
16. Land of Parallels Alt
17. Where am I
18. Forgotten Land
19. Persecution
20. Land of the Sun God
21. Back then…
22. Darkness Incarnate
23. Convergence
24. Great Solus
25. Credits Roll