We recommend players to play Redemption with game controller, especially xbox360 controller.
You could enjoy more powerful and exciting battle with using controller in PVP, PVE

Redemption is an Action Arcade Game that using a Quarter View.

In the Steampunk style; Player develops the 16 individual Characters to fight with other players to win.

Content note for Early Access
– Dungeon: It is a field to develop the character. This Early Access version has 2 kinds of Dungeon and 11 stages that you can enter
– Survival Mode: It is a field to check a power of the character. In the time limit, you have to survive from big wave of Enemy. If you survive, you can take a Special Reward
– Boss Mode: It is a stage to test the character. In the time limit, you have to conquer the boss until the last boss has shown. If you defeat the last Boss, you can take a Special Reward.
– PvP for Annihilation: In the time limit, you have to fight with Enemy Players to win the match.

Next Update note for Early Access
– Character: 5 Characters will join after update.
– Dungeon: Additional One Dungeon, and 6 Stages.
– PvP for Destruction: You have to destruct the enemy’s Guardian in the time limit to win the match.
– Quest: You can check and play Story of Redemption, also you can gain a Special Reward from the Quest.
– Achievement: When you complete the condition of Achievement, you can gain Special Achieve with Special item that takes from Achievement only.
– Costume: There are Special Costume for each Character.