01. Memorium ~I seek your face~
02. Resette’s Prescription ~Book of Memory, Swaying Scale~ Theme
03. Beginnings
04. The First Journey
05. What Tree is This
06. Ponte Sospeso
07. Sleeping in the Ravine
08. Library of Memories
09. Book of Memories
10. Those Who Consume Memories
11. Lilheim
12. Xialy
13. Achille and Elna
14. Cage of Law
15. Where’s the Key?
16. Courthouse Basement
17. Beneath the Name of the Law
18. From the Depths of the Heart

Disc 2

19. Mismatched Motives
20. A Bygone Heart
21. One Human, One Animal, and One Hole
22. A Pavane Bound for Ruin
23. A Quartet Extolling Sins
24. A Resolution Too Late
25. InSiDEsElf
26. Those Who Must Punish
27. Confrontation with the Bugs
28. Rendezvous Within the Heart
29. Parting Ways
30. Because Someone is Waiting for You
31. Demonstration in Front of the Courthouse (Unused Song)
32. Mines Below the Courthouse (Unused Song)
33. Rendezvous Within the Heart (Orchestral Ver)
34. Memorium ~I seek your face~ (Opening Ver)
35. Because Someone is Waiting for You (Ending Ver)