Ready for the ultimate RIFT® experience?

Launch your quest with a prized Ultimate Nightmare Digital Collector’s Edition packed with an Instant Level-60 Character Boost, new Equipment and Bag Slots, Gear Accelerators, a Cobalt Thresher Shark Mount, and more!


  • 2 New Equipment Slots*
  • Exclusive Nightmare Tide Bag Slot*
  • Manugo League Membership
  • Planewalker: Water Attunement – wield special gear from the Plane of Water!
  • Title: The Typhoon
  • “Instant Level 60” – Boost one character to Level 60
  • Additional Bank Vault Slot*
  • Aquatic Dimension Pack
  • Exclusive Bloop the Jellyfish Companion Pet
  • Additional Minion Slot*
  • Nightmare Portrait
  • Shimmering Nightmare Orb
  • 6 Void Source Accelerators
  • 6 Abyssal Crusader’s Accelerators
  • Delving Diver’s Helm
  • Cobalt Thresher Mount – useable on land and in water!
  • Abyssal Satchel 36-Slot Bag
  • Dimension Shadow Scion
  • Planewalker’s Call
  • Prefix Title: Planewalker
  • Nightmare Cosmetic Weapons
  • Unlimited Nightmare Black Dye
  • Combat Pet Skin: Abyssal Crab – available immediately!

*Additional Slots are only applied to accounts that have not purchased a RIFT Nightmare Tide Digital edition in the past. If you have already received these benefits they will not stack.