ILYA Muromets content pack tells the story of the biggest plane of early years of flight – Russian transport/bomber Sikorsky S-22 named ‘ILYA Muromets’ as a legendary, immensely strong warrior of Russian folklore.

The plane had fully matched its name and had set a new record in carrying capacity. Created by Russian engineers led by the famous Igor Sikorsky in 1913 it lifted 16 passengers and a dog with an overall weight of more than 1000 kg into the air. Moreover the Muromets became the first passenger plane. For the first time in aviation history, it had an insulated passenger saloon with a bedroom, a lounge and a toilet. The aircraft had heating and electrical lighting. Passengers also had access to the lower wings.

Four ILYA Muromets aircraft that had been built before the WWI were given to the Russian Imperial Air Force’s where they formed the world’s first bomber squadron which later became a regiment of 60 planes. In autumn 1915 the largest bomb in the history by that moment was dropped from one of these planes, weighing 410 kg.

In total, these planes completed 400 combat missions dropping 65 tons of bombs and destroying 12 enemy fighters. The enemy only managed to damage 3 and take down one of them.

This content pack includes:

  • Special campaign for the Eastern Front: Russian Imperial Air Force’s confrontation with the Austro-Hungarian army in Ternopol region in 1916. The Campaign contains 10 missions allowing players to fly various fighters and take control over the legendary “ILYA Muromets” including artillery spotting, photo reconnaissance, dogfight and area bombardment.
  • ILYA Muromets bomber/recon plane
  • Albatros D.III fighter including its weapon and field modifications
  • First Russian fighter Sikorsky S-16

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