The High Flyers Bundle is a great way to get a running start in Robocraft. In this pack you are guaranteed to get a selection of great items, multiple cosmetics, 30 days’ worth of Premium membership and more.

The complete list of items featured in the High Flyers Pack is listed below:

  • 65 Protonium Salvage Crates full of new weapons, cosmetics and cubes
  • 30 Days Premium membership which unlocks all items in crates, more paint colours for use in the editor, double XP progression, and two additional platoon spots for grouping up with other players
  • Speedometer to track the speed of a robot
  • Altimeter to track the altitude of a robot
  • Twin Vapor Trail which leaves a trail of behind a robot
  • Complete Eagle Robot Mask cosmetic

Please note, the robots featured in the above promotional shots are not included in this bundle. After purchase the contents of this pack will be awarded on next log-in via Steam.