A world of Police that have forgotten what, and why, they are policing.

Rooftop Cop is a collection of five endless vignette games and a 7-track album. The games are set on a loose metaphysical timeline in which the Cops slowly lose their way.
Each of the five parts is quite different, and varies in theme from environmental terror, to manic industry, to a sort of darkly aloof joy. The companion album is included, and contains more than just the music from the games. (See instructions below on where to find the music after download!)



I: A Proud History — balance collecting citations with an abstract deficit, looking for tiny crimes

II: Capture the Flag, for One — find and return the flag in an environment that does not have you in mind

III: The Datamines — endlessly collect “evidence” from apartments, find places to stash it before you are crushed under its weight

IV: God Bles Everyone — amass junk and expand your raft as you drift through a flooded city

V: Palace of the Organizer — play in the sand, check the fax machine, and re-arrange sticks on a soothing dystopian beach



To access the album:
– Right-click ‘Rooftop Cop’ in Steam Library
– Properties
– ‘Local Files’ tab
– ‘Browse Local Files’
– There is a zip file!