Every adventurer and cave explorer needs a town or village to go back to for supplies and rest. This home base is as essential to your game’s world as any dungeon is.

Created by Celianna, Ancient Dungeons: Base Pack is the first in a series of tiles that focus on dungeons and dark dwellings. This large set contains all the basics you will need to create cities and villages that populate your game. Filled with Celianna’s signature details, Ancient Dungeons: Base Pack is a must-have!


  • Complete autotile set (note: no snow and desert type tiles).
  • Complete TileB through TileE for both interior AND exterior.
  • Tiles for towns, villages, castles, caves, crypts, ports and even chapels.
  • Switches, moving boulders, torches and traps.
  • Two boats (only sideview available).
  • Sideways rooftops.