Finding the perfect look for your game’s heroes can be challenging, especially when you’ve got several classes and roles to worry about.

Created by Katakura Hibiki, this character pack is a compilation of matching resources for 16 brand new heroes. Inspired by classic JRPG traditions, the characters are clothed and styled in costumes that promote their class and party role. Though all characters look powerful and worthy of a hero title, a little bit of imagination could easily turn them into double-crossing villains. What will these heroes inspire you to create?

This pack contains:
Resources formatted for use in RPG Maker VX and VX-Ace.

  • Male and Female version for each of the 8 Jobs/classes (archer, paladin, spell-singer, cleric, sage, thief, warrior and wizzard).
  • 16 character sprites in RTP style.
  • 40 hero battlers (at least 2 battler versions of each character).
  • 11 Facesets with basic expressions (neutral, happy, sad, angry, and smiling) for each character.
  • 90 right-facing bust portraits, including expressions (at least 5 portraits per character), and a folder with busts facing to the left.

Importing this resource pack is simple! Check out our importing guide.