From the expanse of deep space to the exotic alien planets, the future is an incredible theme to explore. But what’s a future without heroes?

From the creators of Frontier Works comes a familiar crew of futuristic heroes and bgm to use in your RPGs! Inspired by the classic elements of JRPG costumes, each character is created with the idea of near future in mind. Yet, with a little imagination, you can easily adapt these characters to a different setting – such as a Steampunk or Cyberpunk universe.

Formatted for RPG Maker MV, this classic character pack is a must-have! Interested in a version compatible with RPG Maker VX-Ace? Check it out here!

This pack contains:

  • Resources formatted for use in RPG Maker MV.
  • 16 character sprites in standard RPG Maker MV asset style, 8 classes with a male and female version: warrior, twin-blade, lancer, mage, gunner, sniper, engineer and android.
  • 64 hero battlers (4 battler versions that match each character).
  • 10 Facesets with basic expressions (neutral, happy, sad, angry, and smiling) for each character.
  • 80 right-facing bust portraits, including expressions (5 portraits per character).
  • 16 BGM tracks in both .ogg and .aac formats.