Avast, ye scalawags! This is your soundtrack for dramatic battles, watery graves, seaside towns and themes that will carry you on to the horizon in search of gold and adventure.

Raise the Jolly Roger and roll out the cannons, this music pack is poised to attack your game with a volley of bold background tunes. When you sail the seven seas, set the mood with bombastic battle music, soaring themes, dark and foreboding dungeon delving melodies and a trio of town tracks that will transport you into the golden age of piracy and plunder. This treasure chest of musical gems brings a wealth of nautical atmosphere to any pirate adventure!

This pack contains:

  • 15 BGM tracks suitable for battle, dungeons, themes, and towns!
  • .ogg, and .mp3 formats included.
  • Royalty free sounds to use in your commercial and non-commercial RPG/IG Maker projects.