You can find deadliest weapons and useful additional goods in this pack.
You will get mastercrafted armor suit, 3 types of exclusive weapons – 1 for each class, money + experience booster for 30 days and two types of currency which can be used in the in-game store.

Pack contents:

  • KV “Единорог”
    Elite modification of KV-X10 assault rifle designed for Special Forces. Increased accuracy and rate of fire will immensely improve your combat efficiency.
  • XAK “Пегас”
    Elite modification of XAK-5 sniper rifle designed for Special Forces. This weapon will never let you down even in the most difficult situations.
  • SGV “Кельпи”
    Elite modification of SGV-F shotgun designed for Special Forces. Increased power and rate of fire will make close quarter encounters a breeze.
  • Elite armor ЕР-2А (30 дней)
    Improved armor suit, with increased energy capacity and reliable defence characteristics.
  • Double booster (30 days)
    Powerful booster increasing the amount of received money and experience up to 50%.
  • 60 GXP
    Premium currency you can spend on buying premium goods in the in-game shop.
  • 30000 Credits
    In-game currency for buying non-premium in-game shop items.

In order to recieve DLC items, you need to log into the game, choose “Награды” menu option and press “Забрать” button next to each item.
In order to equip or activate DLC items you need to access “Оружейная” menu option after joining one of the game channels.