RuneSage is an immersive Virtual Reality RPG Adventure game. As a sage from humble beginnings, you’ll search the land for nature’s runes of power, then use them to cast spells to solve puzzles and aid you on your quest. Find the scrolls of knowledge, discover the lost gemstones – secrets once forgotten, yet waiting to be found…

At the heart of RuneSage are runes and spells.

  • Runes echo the forces of nature; wind, water, fire etc and you’ll discover their forms as you explore the world.
  • Spells channel the power of the runes into physical form – for example, draw the shape of a wind rune, then cast it to create a gentle breeze.
  • The power of runes can also be combined – for example, draw a wind rune followed by a water rune, then cast it to blow water in a powerful jet.

Use your knowledge and wisdom of the natural world to investigate your surroundings, discovering new combinations of runes to solve puzzles to aid you on your quest.

RuneSage is designed from the ground up for Virtual Reality. Only one tracked controller is required – you can use it in either hand.

  • Movement. For small distances, explore your surroundings in room-scale VR. Over larger distances, RuneSage supports teleport-style locomotion; press the trackpad to activate a magical beam, point it where you want to go, then release to move.
  • Rune Shapes. Draw runes with your hands; press the rear trigger button to start drawing, trace the outline of the rune’s shape, then release the trigger to finish.
  • Spell Casting. Cast spells with your hands; after drawing one or more runes, press the rear trigger button to start casting, move the controller away from your body, then release the trigger to finish. For projectile spells, the way you “throw” the spell when casting, determines its speed and direction.