Salt is an ocean based adventure and exploration game set in a infinite procedurally generated world. Experience pure freedom to play the way you want as you sail across a vast ocean and explore huge islands in your search for adventure. During your travels you will fight pirates, bosses and other creatures, complete quests, customize your ships, hunt wildlife, sail huge waves, loot and craft items and resources, and discover mysterious places and secrets throughout the world.

Current Features

  • Complete Freedom – Pick a direction and go. Whether it’s fighting, exploring, questing, hunting, or crafting, the choice is yours to experience the world the way you want.
  • Procedurally-generated World – The world is limitless. Set sail on the ocean and explore an infinite amount of islands.
  • Adventure and Quests – Take on dangerous quests filled with bosses and secrets to earn rare loot and uncover lore.
  • Customize your Ship – Discover huge ships and decorate them to make them your home at sea.
  • Gear Up – RPG-style loot system with item rarities and a large array of weapons, armor, and mysterious items.
  • Battle your Enemies – Fight pirates, bosses, and other enemies using a wide array of weapons.
  • Hunting and Fishing – Hunt wildlife and fish the open seas for food and other resources.
  • Discover Hidden Mysteries – Explore strange and mysterious places throughout the world.
  • Seed based world generation – Start with a default seed to share your discoveries with the community. Everyone using the same seeds will be in identical worlds.
  • Minimal Hand-holding – Discover the world on your own and experience raw adventure.