Composed specifically for SHINY by BAFTA nominee Ryan Ike, this unique soundtrack features over 30 minutes of music which acoustically illustrates the atmosphere of various locations on planet Aurora, and the robots’ moments of hardship and joy on their way to safety. Personalities, friendship, mystery and action are all musically crafted in this soundtrack meant for robots and humans alike.


1. Aqua Aerobotics (Underwater)
2. Bucket of Bolts (Action Track)
3. Build It, Box It, Ship It (Industrial)
4. Cruel Stars (Don’t remember where you ended up using this one)
5. Iron Fingers, Concrete Bones (City)
6. Kramer Krusher (Avalanche)
7. More Than Metal (Final Cutscene)
8. Quiet, But Not Empty (Menu)
9. The Bot with the Watts (intro stem)
10. The Bot with the Watts (loop stem)
11. The Lighter Side of Doomsday (Goofy Kramer)
12. This Hollow Home (Start Up)
13. Time to Shine (Powerup Cue)
14. Tin Heart (Main Theme)

Format: WAV, 1411kbps, 44100 Hz

The files are located in your SHINY game folder in Soundtack_Bonus subdirectory