Shoppy Mart: Steam Edition is the answer to the full grocery store cashier experience that many have dreamed about, and dozens asked for.

Shoppy Mart puts you in the shoes of a grocery store cashier, where it is your job to scan items and stuff them into bags. You’ll be required to hand out flyers, chat up the customers, and ask for club cards all day, every day!

Here are some of the things you’ll get to do in Shoppy Mart:

  • Nail the interview!
  • Deal with hundreds of unhelpful customers!
  • Bag hundreds of groceries for people you don’t like!
  • Get paid minimum wage!
  • Unlock new customers!
  • Burn all 23 produce codes into your head, forever!
  • Hot moms!*
  • Talk to people all day without having a real conversation!

*’Hot’ is a relative term and as such, can not be completely guaranteed.