Sirius Online is a space-based MMO inspired by Freelancer. Explore Space alone or together with friends and find adventiure, riches or new enemies. Build a gigantic empire or stay a lone assassin for hire. Be a pirate, killing helpless miners or assemble Fleets to protect your friends. Everything is build and destroyable. Divelanes, Stations, Ships… you name it, you (almost always) build it.

Together with a really responsive, action oriented control scheme, professional voice acted tutorial, loads of space, Sirius is surely a game to remember. And to kill other players, obviously.

What can I do ingame for now?

You can:

  • Mine Ore
  • Sell Ore at different prices
  • Experience PVP in Dogfights
  • Fly one of eleven different Ship, each having entirely different strengths
  • Chat. Obviously
  • Fly through Space for hours
  • Find one of those really well hidden Asteroid belts

I skipped the Tutorial by accident, how were the controls again?

W and S Accelerate and Stop your ship
A and D strafe sideways, R and F up- and downwards
Q and E rotate your ship. To switch between modes, use the space bar.
When you’re in flight mode (Ship follows mouse), you can use TAB to boost to 300% Speed.
Additional Commands are Shift+V for Scanner, Shift+C for Camera Reset, U for player list and Enter to chat.
When you are inside a stations Dock, use M to bring up the Trading Menu. Backspace minimizes the Chat window.
I gives you the Inventory.
Controller Support is Planned and will probably make it into the 1.0.30 Series.