Due to free games not remaining in a player’s Steam library after uninstalling, this DLC has been created with some additional content for those who want to keep it in their collection. There are no new achievements with this DLC, to ensure that all players can 100% complete the game with just the free version.

It includes:

– Extended version of the game soundtrack, with 5 new tracks
– A 10 page pdf book of the original sketches used in the game
– 4 short deleted scenes not included in the original game (total gameplay ~ 5 minutes).

Note that the extra scenes are in no way a sequel or expansion to the main game – think of them more like deleted scenes on a film’s DVD extras. These will not appear in the base game, but have their own launcher.
The files will be installed in your Sisyphus Reborn folder within the Steam folder, for example: C:Program FilesSteamSteamAppscommonSisyphus RebornExtras

Extended soundtrack listing:

1. Intro
2. The Cave
3. The Desert
4. The Hermit
5. The Nothing
6. Sisyphus Reborn
7. This Path Was My Own
8. The Desert – Remix
9. Main Theme – Musicbox
10. Echoes In Eternity
11. The Hermit – Piano Version
12. The Lost Soul