Sky Arena features a heart pumping, rock soundtrack that will remind you instantly of 80’s and 90’s saturday morning cartoon intros. It is composed originally for this game by our very own Robert Taubler and Michael Hasselmann.

This DLC, just like the game, is Early Access. Currently it features 6 Tracks that you can hear in the game but it will be expanded with more music as it get’s implemented in the game. We plan to have unique tracks for each planet type, Gras, Ice, Lava and Desert and even for new planet types that are not implemented yet. If you like the music in the game, this package is for you 🙂

Track List

  • 01 – Menu
  • 02 – Success
  • 03 – Pine Palace I
  • 04 – Pine Palace II
  • 05 – Pine Palace III
  • 06 – Green Desert I