Slim may look like an experiment gone wrong, but his insect humanoid DNA is genetic engineering at its finest. Armed with a Leeching Gun, Healing Drones, and a Spore Cloud launcher, Slim is a medic designed for combat. When you need someone to deal damage and keep your heart pumping, you call on Slim. 

Leech Gun

Deal damage to your target while reducing the cooldown on your healing burst. The more damage you do, the faster you heal your team.

Spore Cloud Launcher

The Monster can’t smell while he’s inside your Spore Cloud, giving your team an advantage in close combat.

Healing Drone

Your Healing Drone can be sent to any teammate at any distance. It heals them over time, even reviving incapped hunters! The Healing Drone dies easily so use it on teammates who are not under attack. It is very effective at extreme ranges.

Healing Burst

You have the largest Healing Burst radius of any medic, so go ahead and fire that Healing Burst when your teammate is in trouble. They’re probably in range.

NOTE:If you own the Evolve Hunting Season Pass, DO NOT purchase this content here as you will be charged again. Game required; sold separately.