Space Jones is a FPS VR game. Story: At an era of human space colony expansion, a bounty hunter (the player) accidently picked up a mysterious treasure named “Star Box”. Therefore, the bounty hunter has been targeted by multiple space pirates. A major war will be triggered at any time. The player will have no choice but to eliminate all the pirate battleships in flocks.



•Motion sensing flying: the flying direction can be controlled by head movement, to evade missiles, laser or other obstacle.

•Motion sensing shooting: The two cannons can be controlled by motion controllers (also support gamepad mode)

•Bounty system: Continually complete tasks, gain rewards, fame and fortune.

•Upgrade system: Weapon upgrade & unlock system allows you to hit your enemies as hard as you like.

•Super weapons: missiles, laser, bullet time, super acceleration and special equipment

•Rich story levels: from small-scale combat to a solo run towards large fleet with all kinds of warships.

•Multilingual support

•Other VR devices support