Old Ivian warriors still remember this glorious battle and tell its story to those eager to listen. In a harsh winter many years ago the orcish hordes of the West assaulted Great Oakendom and caught the wise elves unprepared. A brave Elvari queen went to seek help from the Alliance’s closest neighbors. Many noble knights, soldiers and even common villagers answered her call. She led them in a thunderous counter-attack against the raging invaders. Men and Nature fought together this day to protect the forest, and they emerged victorious!


One preconstructed deck – Soldier Reverence (1 hero + 60 cards)


Assault your enemies with tough and versatile soldiers with this deck. Manipulate combat with clever tricks and spells. If your opponent is still standing, overwhelm him with an endless army using your hero skill.

List of Cards


  • Ne’eva the Revered


  • 4 x Steel Host Spearman
  • 4 x Dwarf Spellbreaker
  • 4 x Sunblessed Priest
  • 4 x Cavalry Field Captain
  • 4 x Elite Vanguard
  • 4 x Master Tactician
  • 4 x Ancient Trent


  • 2 x Touch of Light
  • 2 x Pacify
  • 3 x Guards! Guards!
  • 2 x Ray of Righteousness
  • 4 x Landslide


  • 4 x Soldiers’ Memorial
  • 7 x Order Shrine
  • 9 x Nature Shrine