Sproggiwood is a story-driven roguelike, inspired by Finnish mythology, that chronicles the savage rise of the Cloghead civilization and its conflict with the rival Mushroom people. On the journey there, Sproggi leads us through a dense forest of emotions. Confusion, mischief, mystery, joy, wonder, and sadness are spun to life by composer Brandon Tanner’s beautiful, 10-track original soundtrack. Relive the history of Sproggiwood with the music that tells the story itself!

  1. Ode to Civilization
  2. A Rustling in the Woods
  3. On Whose Ground Do I Tread?
  4. The Mischief Maker March
  5. In the Beginning (In the End)
  6. Into the Fen, Where Danger Waits
  7. I Must Save You from Yourself
  8. Wizards in the Sky
  9. The Ice Makes for a Chilly Home
  10. History of the Clogheads: Chapter One