Stay away from my lands, infidel! Stronghold Crusader 2: Freedom Fighters casts you as a fearless Arabic Lord set on taking the fight back to the invading Crusader hordes. After defending Saladin’s peaceful farmland from cowardly Crusader skirmishes, you must enlist the aid of The Shah and counterattack! Once the Crusaders have been lured out of their castle and into the desert you will land the killing blow, launching an assault on the mountain camp where they make their last stand.

Available for the first time ever as a standalone DLC, ‘Freedom Fighters’ adds two missions to the base Stronghold Crusader 2 game. Set during the events of the main Arabic story campaign the ‘Freedom Fighters’ mini-campaign introduces new scenarios, achievements and challenges suitable for all players. Previously a pre-order exclusive, both ‘Freedom Fighters’ and its companion DLC ‘Delivering Justice’ can be purchased individually on Steam.

DLC Features

  • Mini-Campaign – Enjoy two extra single player missions in the ‘Freedom Fighters’ learning campaign.
  • Repel the Infidel – Defend farmlands, battle alongside The Shah and wipe out the Crusaders in ‘The Horns of Hattin’.
  • The Arab – Play as a fearless Arabic Lord taking the fight back to the invading Crusader hordes.
  • Extra Achievements – Channel your inner completionist by claiming 100% of all Crusader 2 achievements.

Please Note: Freedom Fighters is downloadable add-on content, requiring the full Stronghold Crusader 2 base game on Steam to play.