The full original soundtrack from the video game Sublevel Zero, a retro-inspired 3D space shooter.
Aiming to match the game’s visual aesthetic, this soundtrack combines chiptune sounds with modern production and orchestral elements.

The soundtrack itself is dynamically generated, and adapts to events in the game. In total, there are over 3 hours of music in the game! For this album, I chose the best parts and assembled them into a new series of tracks, along with some extra tunes that didn’t make it into the final game.

1. Prepare to Descend (01:16)
2. Sublevel Zero (04:05)
3. Crystal Caves (04:37)
4. Heavy Industry (03:56)
5. Fusion (05:50)
6. Scattered Reality (03:55)
7. Plasma Burst (03:20)
8. Chain Reaction (05:45)
9. Lost in Space (01:37)
10. Submission Hour (03:50)
11. Gravity (02:33)
12. Shimmer (05:52)
13. Geothermal Activity (03:53)
14. Berserker (03:40)
15. Flux Storm (03:14)
16. Tasty Rolls (03:24)
17. Beneath the Surface (06:31)
18. Flux Storm (Trailer Version) (01:40)

To view the soundtrack, right click on Sublevel Zero in your game list, go to “properties”, go to the “local files” tab, and click “browse local files”. The soundtrack will be in the “Soundtrack” folder.