Super Button Soccer is an innovative game, designed from the ground up to offer a compelling and competitive local and online multiplayer experience for PC and current generation consoles.

In SBS players create their dream team of fantasy “button soccer” pieces, customizing each button with various materials like stone, wood, plastic, glass, rubber and metal. These teams are put to test in multiple fields based on real-world and fantasy themes like ice, kitchen table, and even a real soccer field. Finally, the match ball is randomly selected in each session for the ultimate luck factor!

The combination of these three components – button pieces, match arena and match ball – highly influence the game physics and dynamics, warranting that each match is unique and challenging.

Speaking of the soccer matches, they are fast paced, competitive, and above all, fun. The game offers both online multiplayer sessions against friends and random enemies, or local single screen / multiple gamepads fun for parties and championships.

Control options
The game offers three control options (gamepad, keyboard and touch screen) balanced for all types of players, with accessible mechanics that are easy to learn, but challenging to master.

Final version features!

  • Online multiplayer
  • Offline multplayer with up to two players
  • Tournaments
  • Monthly seasons with prizes and sponsors
  • Ranked matches
  • Tactical gameplay
  • Crafting mode: craft your buttons eg.: iron, rubber, plastic, magnetic button, using your hard-earned materials won during matches and tournaments
  • Team builder: yes, you can build your own teams with totally custom players
  • Formation editor: Fine tune the initial position of your buttons during kickoffs, and win the strategy battle against our opponents right from the start!
  • Collectible items (buttons, arenas)