A standalone mini (dress-up) game that allows you to dress up an anime characters to create your own.
Currently the creator includes female characters based on the artstyle from the Sword of Asumi game.


  • Female Character Creator
  • 7 Hairstyles with multiple color variations
  • 2 Eye types with multiple color variations
  • 40 different top styles and colors
  • 44 different bottom styles and colors
  • 15 different accessories
  • 6 different well made backgrounds

This character creator can produce hundreds if not thousands of different female characters.

N.b. Once the DLC is purchased and installed via Steam, right click on the game in the Steam Library, select Properties and then in the Local Files tab choose Browse Local Files. The Character Creator Folder will appear in the base directory. From that file you can run the character creator mini-program.

This is a stand-alone mini game and does not alter the main game.