In the end, it’s the epitome of what an aesthetic and music-focused game should be: simple gameplay made fun by good game design and an outstanding soundtrack. – Mo05eman
The way the levels are built up and set up reminds me of Donkey Kong Country – GameXplain
This is awesome, the music reminds me of Rayman! – AstraVex
This is the kind of game that needs to be on Steam more often! – Project Sash

9/10 – DarkZero
90 out of 100 – killzonegaming

From the creators of the hit webcomic Brawl in the Family comes the delightfully musical adventure game Tadpole Treble.

As Baton, you’ll literally be “playing along” with the game’s music as you dodge past predators and obstacles who take the place of the notes for that level’s song. Avoid enemies and hit percussive notes on the beat to accumulate points and fill your “treble meter” to blast through anything in your path.

Tadpole Treble features 30 original music compositions, 13 levels, and 5 boss battles. In addition to the story mode, the game includes bonus content such as unlockable music, a large bestiary, game commentaries, and online leaderboards for every level. Best of all is the robust Composition Mode which lets players create their own original levels and music.