Have you ever thought some Level-up or additional HP would be more than welcome? With the Adventure items pack, you’ll get what is needed to survive in Sorey’s adventure! Wait, didn’t we tell you you’ll also get Strawberry Rice Cakes? Have a bite right now they’re so delicious!

  • Double Experience
  • Double Gald
  • Double Grade
  • Double Normin
  • Double Herbs of Goodness
  • Item Expansion
  • Katz Trio
  • Level Up +5
  • Level Up +10
  • Max HP +1000
  • Red Bean Pancakes
  • Red Herbs of Happiness
  • Rice Crackers
  • Skewered Rice Dumplings
  • Speed Arte Mastering
  • Strawberry Rice Cakes
  • Super Star Trier
  • Sweet Bean Jellys