About This Content

Become a Dragon Master and build your Tales Runner legend with these unique items to level up your character and collection of pets!


  • Character Redeem Coupon – Use this coupon to choose one of your favorite Tales Runner characters, and start a new adventure in Tales Land!
  • Dragon Egg – Hatch this magical egg to unlock the power of various Dragon pets, all of which can grow stronger with alchemy and pet growth items.
  • Pet Growth – Use this item to upgrade your pets with full EXP to the next level
  • EXP +200% Set – Fast track your character level with this one-time boost of EXP!
  • Phoenix Feather – Get your pets back in race shape with this magical item which restores unconscious pets with a full food-gauge (one-time use)

How to Redeem

To redeem your item package & receive your items, please follow these simple steps after purchasing:

Obtain the serial code for your item package by right-clicking Tales Runner in your Steam library, selecting ‘View CD key’, highlighting the package you wish to redeem, and selecting ‘COPY KEY TO CLIPBOARD’

Launch the game, and click the [Refill Astros] button in the game lobby

Your Steam overlay will open up, and you will be able to paste & redeem your code into the redemption box

After successfully redeeming your key, your items will be delivered to your Giftbox

Please note that it may take up to 10 minutes after redeeming your item package key for the items to be delivered to your account