This starter package will help you stay versatile with 3 playable characters, customizable costume items, and some TR Points to purchase additional game items.

  • Nessa / Mika / Troy – Build your running arsenal with these 3 characters.
  • Pink Flame Muffler – This legendary item will not only boost your fashion level but provide bonus stats to give your runner that extra edge.
  • Rental Coupon – This 30-day coupon will open up a wide selection of costumes to help you customize your character!
  • 30,000 TR Chest – Additional TR Points to help with your in-game purchases.
  • Fortune Cat – Gain 3,000~9,999 TR after each race.
  • Premium Host – Never lose your room master status with this item. Your room will also gain more visibility in the game lobby, as well as provide everyone in the room with +20% EXP at the end of each race.

How to Redeem

To redeem your item package & receive your items, please follow these simple steps after purchasing:

Obtain the serial code for your item package by right-clicking Tales Runner in your Steam library, selecting ‘View CD key’, highlighting the package you wish to redeem, and selecting ‘COPY KEY TO CLIPBOARD’

Launch the game, and click the [Refill Astros] button in the game lobby

Your Steam overlay will open up, and you will be able to paste & redeem your code into the redemption box

After successfully redeeming your key, your items will be delivered to your Giftbox

Please note that it may take up to 10 minutes after redeeming your item package key for the items to be delivered to your account

**If user already has any of the 3 characters, they will receive a TR Coupon of relative value